This is Valtellina, navigated.


Real-world recommendations of routes that have seen us marvel at the beauty of Valtellina. It's a valley that thrives on the outdoors with a population of runners and cyclists. Look past better-known mountain resorts and crowded ski towns, now it is Valtellina's time to be navigated and celebrated.  

No, that doesn't mean driving straight through it to ride the Stelvio.


People ask why we live here; this is why. 



Road, gravel or mountain bike, here is just a taster of the routes you can take here. 
Not just ideas on where to ride, but what to ride, what tires to use, where to get serviced, and where to refuel. 

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What sort of run are you looking for? A mellow route or mountain epic? A fast speed session in the valley or an all-day yomp to high altitudes?  A multi-day hut-to-hut run or just an hour's lunch break to fill?

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Over on the Route Encyclopaedia you can search the entire valley for runs, rides and general highlights. It's a work-in-progress sort of project to which we will constantly add new points, as and when we find them. For now, it's just a starter. 

May, 2018.