There's more than just the Stelvio in Valtellina.

Roads that link ancient villages and high altitude pastures. Tracks that carve their way over mountain passes. The most hair-raising of hairpin descents. The quietest, narrowest b-roads. Climbs so good that you will question why they aren't better known. Trails so gnarly and technical that you could turn the whole valley into a downhill park if you wanted.


In winter, riding is confined to the south-facing half of the valley, but come summer the north-side has some of the most unridden territory that's ripe for riding. 

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There's more to Valtellina than the Stelvio. Try giving these names a chance, you won't regret it: 
Bagni Masino, Val Tartano, Prato Valentino, Dazio, Civo and Cino, Passo San Marco, Chiavenna, Campo Moro, Castello del Acqua, Albonico.  


mountain bike

For when steep and rocky are your thing.

Bormio & Santa Caterina have the most accessible mountain biking for all abilities, whereas the steeper, more untamed routes are in the Basso valley, tended to and guided by 360 Valtellina Bike. 


gravel to get you gassed

Valtellina excels at this trend. Flat, fast, recreational gravel across the valley floor that takes you away from traffic. Ancient gravel tracks that take you up to 2,000 metres plus. B-roads where the state has run out of money to finish building them, leaving them in disrepair. This is gravel riding undiluted, where you'll almost certainly want tubeless MTB tires.



Morbegno - Damiani XBike is the go-to, especially when it comes to tuning suspension set-ups and fixing the trickiest mechanicals. Easy to find, his store is just off the main road on the way between Morbegno and Talamona. 

Poggiridenti / Sondrio - Ciclisport will sort you right out. Another well-stocked bike shop that's located just off the main road on the way between Sondrio and Chiuro. 

Castione / Sondrio - Going to give Decathlon a shout out here because it has basically everything if you're in a fix and its location is pretty hard to beat in terms of practicality. Spare tubes, CO2 cartridges, multi-tools. Oh, and our friend Mattia works there in the bike department and he's basically a genius when it comes to fixing mechanicals. Just ask for him.

Bike hire is still an open market in Valtellina, so take note and get in touch with us and we'll make some calls.