Livigno | Run 12 km | Crap Vert

Most definitely not ‘Crap Vert’, the name is highly misleading. Crap, in this area, refers to (piles of) huge boulders and that’s basically what this hill consists of. The route starts from a little car park for the most beautiful B&B in The Palle (away from the hustle and bustle of Livigno). It follows a beautiful, runnable trail around to the lake before starting the climb. it is not an easy climb, but it’s a solid marker of form. The views get better and better as you scale the mountainside, then before you know it you’re at the top and you’ve rewarded with the most sublime bit of flow trail that takes you across the pass road. From here, simply drop back down to the Bait de Angial, or wherever you’ve parked the car. Simple.

Nice bit of crap vertical that’s best done as the sun is setting. Dreamy views await.

(Komoot thinks some of the route is off-grid – it isn’t. There are signs).