Val Viola | Run 21 km | Dreamy trails

One of the most breathtaking routes of all the valley, this is the former race route of the Skyrace Alta Valtellina, which from 2019 onwards goes by the name Val Viola Trail.

The reference to a Skyrace is pretty misleading as this is not a technical route, not at all. It’s truly runnable, which meant you always had a great race on your hands. Flow trails, stunning single track, and imposing peaks. It’s a sun-soaked valley and usually spends the whole of June/July/August enjoying the rays. You are at altitude though, so conditions can be changeable. Windproof jackets are therefore recommended.

There are a number of options for parking, including in Arnoga on the corner of the pass to Livigno, or at any of the small, fee-paying car parks that lead into Val Viola. During the high season there might be a ticket kiosk at the start of the little lane – This is a good thing as the valley is so special that a high number of cars would disturb the peace.

Expect a lot of marmots and a lot of whooping for joy. The second half is super quick, while the first half is more mountainous.